Website to SMS on mobile is a easy to use web based interface system which allows you to send sms from our internet portal (web based application) to individuals or a group (thousands of individual / lac of SMS at a time) via our premium bulk SMS messaging gateway in India. Web to SMS services having several user friendly features for sending SMS messages using your internet browser. You can start sending sms independent of access either from work, home, internet cafe, hotel or WIFI hotspot in your country or anywhere in the world. Using SMS Gateway("SMS Gateway is a device or service offering SMS transit, transforming messages to mobile network traffic from other media without use of a mobile device"). We provide free application (available under sms gateway).

 API tool and excel based plugin which is easily compatible with MS Excel 2003 and newer version of MS Excel. The API (Application Programming Interface) tool can be used with any software application run with MS Visual Studio and any ASP pages, which enable users to send sms from their own website using our user and password functionality. 


- SMS are easy to use, Independent of platform and workstation 
- Integrate with your software / ATM Software (For Banks, Call Centers, Software Enterprises etc)
- Contact / SMS management with group SMS management.
- Live Delivery Reports, easy TopUP / Recharge Facility.
- Unlimited term validity and database management.
- Best suited for SMS campaign or Marketing activity.
- Low cost (as low as 6 paisa for India).
- Different priority and NDNC routes.
Multiple SMS gateway connectivity.
Scheduling of SMS
- Multiple reseller ship option / IVR solutions etc.

Short Code SMS Service

Short Code is also known as Short Numbers are the special telephone contact numbers which are used to address the SMS and MMS messages. Short code are designed such that they are easy to remeber and can carry simple words which are basic of service provided by any company. Short codes are widely used for value-added services like television voting, ordering ringtones, charity and mobile services etc. Example 1 - Long version: Text Cricket to 56767 for latest Cricket news. Example 2 - Short version: cricket@56767

Usually there are two types of short codes... 
Dialing Short Code - 
This short code feature allows users to dial the number specified to an outside line.
Messaging Short Code - 
This short code feature allows users to send the messages to the specified number to an outside line. 

Advantages of Short Code 
- Short Code are more memorable then long phone numbers and websites. 
- Independent of network, it support 2 way communications
- It is very useful to generate quick sales lead / business lead through sms. 
- Easy to promote any scheme. 
- Commercial Viability.

 Way SMS - Virtual SIM Hosting - Long Code SMS (VMS Services) 

Do you want to receive incoming SMS from users and forward the same to your email, website or database? It is possible with our SIM hosting service. 
How does it works? A SIM is hosted at our secure data center, further it is connected to a system (computer) with connectivity to the internet. All incoming SMS received by the SIM are posted to any URL of client's choice by the software. 

You can receives incoming SMS with variables containing information about sender's mobile number, message text etc through GET or POST method. Client can process the same at his URL and optionally s
end reply-back to sender of the SMS using our bulk SMS API.